Xander Xhosa Fruit & Veg

Xander Fruit & Veg is a Xhosa educational app for young children that teaches children all about fruit and vegetables and includes vital school readiness activities such as sorting, matching and basic sums. Children can learn the names of fruit and vegetables, where they grow, and the nutritional benefits. Entertaining games then allows the information to be applied and absorbed.

Xander apps are intuitive and age appropriate, with beautifully hand-drawn illustrations offering young children endless entertainment while parents enjoy peace of mind.

Xander, the lovable narrator, guides children along the learn-through-play activities that stimulate  vision, hearing and touch, while also imparting a vital skills to prepare for school as well as practical  knowledge and vocabulary about fruit and vegetables in Xhosa.

A toybox offering a variety of activities and skills:

  • Listen and pronounce the names of fruit and vegetables.
  • Learn about their nutritional benefits and where they grow.
  • Practice what you’ve learnt with interactive matching, sorting and pattern recognition games.
  • Basic sums with fruit and vegetables offer hours of fun for young children.