Xander Swahili Wardrobe

Swahili Wardrobe is an educational app for young children that teaches  the names (and pronunciation) of different body parts, clothing and weather, in Swahili. After consolidating the terminology it concludes with a fun game that provides hours of entertainment.

The app is highly sensorial as it engages hearing, vision and touch. It further encourages the development of fine motor skills, language ability and critical reasoning.

Learning is optimised through repetition and engagement with beautiful hand-drawn illustrations. Children will be able to name specific body parts and dress in weather-appropriate clothing. Children can also use the app to indicate discomfort in certain body parts or where they feel ill. This app is helpful in second language acquisition and can be supportive in the education of learners with cognitive disabilities (or recovering stroke patients). Patients can benefit from the repetition, patterns and clear pronunciation of words.


Swahili Wardrobe consist of four games:

  • Body: Learn the names and pronunciation of body parts.
  • Face: Learn the names and pronunciation of facial features.
  • Clothes: Learn the names and pronunciation of various items of clothing.
  • Get dressed: Match appropriate items of clothing to wear with the seasons and weather.